Rick Owens is a designer that I’ve admired for years, his dark aesthetic and Avant-Garde approach have always held strong appeal for me, but obviously his stuff has always been outside of affordability for me. Recently though, this pair of runners hit the sale at Harvey Nichols with 50% off so I made my move; my first pair of Ricks.

They’re a surprisingly comfortable shoe, I say surprising because the emphasis with sneakers of this nature is usually form over substance, the appearance and materials are what take centre stage, not how comfotable or wearable they are.

We went out and got some on-foot shots of them, check them out below:


Like all of the Rick Owens x Adidas sneakers, they look striking on foot and the white/bone colourway here really makes them pop.

Next on the Rick list, Goebaskets.

Peace, Zack.