The other week we saw Patta release their latest collection with their ‘Running Crew’, an actual physical running team that represents Patta at running events all over. The collection consisted of tees, a longsleeve polo a tracksuit, tote bag, pins and patches.

I picked up a few of the patches for my Patta X Levis coach jacket and also the longsleeve tee in black and the Polo in black, we went out and got some photos of them:

As the picture show, the collection is defined by clean, bold graphic work. The strong contrasts in colour make the back graphic on the longsleeve tee particularly sharp.

All of the garments are designed with performance in mind and as a result are made from a high performance, breathable polyester.

It’s another strong showing from the Amsterdam label that is fast becoming one of the most prominent in streetwear.

Peace, Zack