So it was inevitable, another collaboration between a big name in streetwear and a big name in sportswear and lets face it, the two go hand in hand. Every time these two come together it’s a reseller and palace enthusiasts dream come true and they really pulled out the stops. The capsules were kept to two relatively small drops which meant sell out times were very quick. We saw the return of the Adidas X Palace Pro in some new colour ways and a whole new variation of the model in Primeknit which I must admit was a nice change to the, dare I say “played out” trainer.

Something that really caught my eye was the Palidas Towel with going on Holiday this year. I was looking at getting the Supreme Abstract towel ever since the lookbook came out from them, however weeks dragged by and they didn’t drop it. Due to this coming out on the first drop and before the Supreme towel, I decided I’d play it safe and even though it didn’t look like it was going to be as summery, but it was a pleasant surprise at the detail on the towel. The Palace towel features a HUGE Tri-Ferg, Adidas logo and the famous three stripes debossed into the towel and it feels like a really high quality towel, so it’s fair to say I’m looking forward to killing the sun-lounger game this summer.

The second drop saw potentially the most hyped products to come out from the collaboration. That was a few t-shirts in both long and short sleeve variants. These featured the “space weave” and trust me, it’s pure flames. I picked up the black short sleeve t-shirt, when it arrived I thought “eh, this hasn’t got anything on it” like it stated. It just looked like a plain black football shirt. But this is where this t-shirt is a subtle stand out piece of clothing, the space-weave I can’t describe in words without getting technical so I’ll let the picture do the talking…


It makes up the trademark three stripes down the arms and the Tri-Ferg on the back, finished off with an embroidered Adidas Retro Logo on the chest. The weave makes the branding so subtle and you only see it when wearing the top. It is such a cool piece of clothing with how subtle the branding is, it’s only emphasised more as to how quickly it sold out.

Finally along with the short sleeve t-shirt I copped the Adidas X Palace T Print Shorts. This was mainly because I wanted something to go well with the t-shirt and also because I needed some more interesting shorts. They are a great pair of shorts for both chilling and wearing around and about. The print stands out a lot and gives off a ’90’s vibe, and goes really well with Adidas Ultraboost 2.0’s. The three stripes down the side keep the branding from Adidas alive and the small Palace logo finishes off the collaboration. Combining these two pieces create a really cool summer outfit with some heavy sportswear vibes which we all know is a key player in streetwear.