As mad as I am for sneakers, the passion does extend to other areas within fashion.
So when looking on Instagram recently I noticed a lot of people cropping up buying Chelsea boots, especially with the winter seasons coming in. Chelsea boots are staple piece for winter and they can take your streetwear outfits into a slightly higher end look.

First of all I want to state I’ve never owned a pair of Chelsea Boots previous to this purchase and all I was seeing was the very popular Common Projects boots. I first saw them in Harvey Nichols with the price tag of £310.00, and in my eyes when looking at the boot they deserved the price tag. You could tell the quality was on point. However as I haven’t had any others previously I thought it was a bit of a dive going straight in for the higher priced pair, which lead to me shopping around to find the right pair.

After a long search and deliberating I decided on these Marc Wenn Chelsea Boots. First things first, these set me back £165, which is just under half the Common Projects price and they look identical, minus the coding on the side of the shoe. They are limited to 200 pairs which makes them feel a little bit more special, knowing that they aren’t going to be a common sight in public. They are hand made in Portugal and you can really feel the quality, they are a solid rigid boot made from some really high quality materials and the suede is so nice and soft. The tan colour way seemed most appropriate to get especially with getting a lot of inspiration for outfits all over instagram and I feel like they will fit in best with my outfits.

So if your looking at purchasing a pair of Chelsea boots do not hesitate if Marc Wenn have your size in stock, they’re great value for money and the quality really is up there with the other, higher end boots.