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Author – Zack

I actually started this blog about 8 months ago as a purely personal expression. I’ve always loved fashion for as long as I can remember so I wanted somewhere to vent, somewhere to talk about the stuff I think is cool, and I didn’t (and still don’t) really mind if anyone reads it or not, I just initially needed that output for my passion.

I’m big on streetwear, and the stuff I wear is testament to that, I often sport brands such as Patta, Carhartt, A.P.C and Palace, all with strong ties to street culture. Down at the foot level I own a variety of Adidas, Nike and Jordan models. I’m not a trend follower particularly, but just because a certain look is popular it won’t put me off it.

I take a lot of cues and inspiration in the way I dress for the Japanese and the South Koreans, I like the statement pieces and the really ‘out there’ looks, I like that they’re not scared to throw on a Raf overcoat or some Rick Owens boots and really put themselves out there; where I grew up that kind of stuff got you bullied, so it’s cool to see people get embraced and even respected for that level of style.

Recently I think the lines between streetwear and high fashion have become increasingly blurred. Brands like Raf Simons and Haider Ackermann are really pushing those boundaries with prices and materials and pioneers such as the likes of A$AP Rocky and Ian Connor really contesting what’s acceptable.

I’ll just keep posting what I like and hope people like it!

Peace, Zack x

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Author – Dom

New on board to the Rockin’ blog so I thought I’d introduce myself. 21 years of age and have a real big passion for sneakers & fashion.

The first time I really got into sneakers was around 4 years ago when I bought a pair of Air Max 1 OG Blue and ever since then my collection has grown and so has my passion for sneakers. People ask “why trainers?” and its pretty simple. In my eyes sneakers are the piece in the outfit that can be a real statement. Cop a pair of High-End/Rare/Collaborative sneakers and that could be the finishing point of your outfit. Even if your wearing a pair of daily beaters that are grunged up, it can compliment a distressed outfit, which is a very cool vibe at the moment.

Streetwear is another big vibe of mine. But I believe it takes a variety from big brand names like Supreme, Palace, Yeezy to high street like Zara and H&M etc. with independent brands in between, but I don’t keep it specific. As stated I’m big on my sneakers, where to be honest anything goes, there isn’t specific brands I go for, simply the style that catches my eye. A brief overview of the collection so far includes Air Jordans, Nike, Adidas and Asics.

So in summary expect to see a few trainer, fashion and shop reviews here and there, a lot of what I’m looking forward to seeing released and the odd photoshoot that I’ll be carrying out with the Rockin’ Team. (You’ll find me behind the camera more than in front of it)



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